Flock of Gerrys-Gerry Loves Tacos by Seasons Kaz Sparks

 Flock of Gerrys-Gerry Loves Tacos, is the story of Gerry the Seagull forming a band of animal friends (DJ LlamaRama, Tuskadero Slim, Crabarita...) to help Octo get everyone to come try Octo’s Tacos. 
It showcases the power of music, helping one another & trying new things. 
I was inspired to draw our "pet" seagull one day & had so much fun imaging his life flying around visiting various friends, I decided to draw him a "flock". Each character took on a life of their own & soon I knew I had to write Gerry's stories. This first book is just the beginning of their adventures & more animal friends are sure to follow.
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